Download this hilarious and free game for iPhone and iPad -


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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Download this hilarious and free game for iPhone and iPad

This week we bring you a fun game, different and tremendously addictive. It's install and try it and stay hooked . Want to discover more? Keep reading to not miss it.

We are talking about Chicken Scream, translated would be "chicken cry", and is that this cute little animal is the protagonist of this classic platform game. Its main characteristic is the following one, it is not played with the hands, but with the voice . In fact, the first thing to do when installing is to give permission to the game to access the microphone.

The way we are going to have to control the character of the game is totally different, and therefore makes it very fun. To move the animal through the different levels and worlds included in it we will have to hum, sing or just talk in a low voice, this way the chick will advance walking along the corresponding level .

As you raise your voice, or you shout at the chicken, it will jump to be able to go bypassing the obstacles, if you want it to stop you will have to remain silent. It is therefore about controlling your volume and tone of voice to make the chicken obey you.

It is a game to have fun in places where there are no noises, do not even try it at a family meal or at the bar because the poor chicken will not stop moving and you will not be able to control it properly.

Its interface is simple and classic, but not less attractive - it also has a very "cool" music that comes as a ring finger to the development of the game . This application is free and has many levels, so the fun times are insured.

Do not wait any longer and download it in the button below, stay tuned and watch our weekly news , which are many and varied . We will wait for you.

 Chicken Scream
Chicken Scream

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