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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Everything I want on an iPhone is on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung unveiled what the Galaxy Note 8 would look like at Park Avenue Armory in New York this past Wednesday. All of us who are Apple followers, we soon think of the next iPhone 8. But the similarities were not that striking : the bevels and thin frames, the virtual home button , the back glass, the camera dual. What is striking is the crude differences between the two.

The Note 8 and the iPhone 8 will be marketed as off-road phones, the latest in technology and design that allows you to seamlessly switch between work and play . We'll see ads that promote the camera's different capabilities, the design of the screen and everything new that the phones can do. But only one of those phones will be a true productivity device, and it will not be the iPhone 8.

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the category of so-called superphablets with the Galaxy S8 + 6.2 inches. But it's not just the size that makes it great. For the first time, Samsung adopted a ratio of 18.5: 9 (practically a 2: 1) , making the phone easier to hold and subtly increase the vertical display area.

The screen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 allows you to conveniently run two side-by-side applications. It's no different than how Apple went from a ratio of 3: 2 to a 16: 9 with the iPhone 5. It was not a dramatic change in screen size, but it made a big difference in the way we used our apps. The 16: 9 ratio generated a new generation of applications, changing the information that was presented on the screen and making our applications were richer and more powerful .

Compared to Note 8, the rumored iPhone 5.8 inches will look small, but the relationship will make it look downright outdated. It's not just that Note 8 is bigger and easier to hold as if it were a much smaller phone, the size and the relationship makes it better to work with two applications at once , a feature that is not even available on the iPhone yet.

The multi-window support is so big on an 18: 9 screen that even Samsung allows you to create shortcuts in Note 8 that automatically launch two applications at the same time. It is a level of productivity that is simply not possible on the iPhone, and we probably will not see it on the September 12.

The S Pen is the biggest advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple followers have been generally reticent about the pen on the iPhone, but the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro has shown us how useful it is. The best use of S Pen is for screen-off memories, which allow you to write, save and edit notes without having to activate the screen , but there are all kinds of uses for it. It's the main thing that separates Note 8 from the Galaxy S8 + (and the rest of the Android premium phablets), and its inclusion really puts it in a top position.

The addition of an Apple Pencil to the iPhone, especially in the form of a miniaturized version that could attach to the device, would greatly increase the productivity benefits . As it stands, the iPhone is a great device for business, but that's mainly due to its chip and application support.

And the dock?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a productivity tool much larger than the iPhone . It has micro SD card slot to expand storage and keep confidential files safe. In addition to this we have Samsung Knox, which allows you to configure encrypted workspaces for applications. And to top it off, a series of biometric data offers users the freedom to secure their device in several ways.

The DeX dock makes Note 8 a full-fledged desktop computer. But the new feature pump for advanced users is the DeX support. Samsung introduced its docking station with the Galaxy S8, but has improved it in Note 8. Not only do not have to struggle with the bluetooth after the phone has been docked, application support and continuity have been far exceeded. Samsung demonstrated it using the Zoom videoconferencing application, and the phone switched dynamically to the larger screen without leaving the call and allowed to share a simple screen once connected to the base.

Of course, Apple offers a nude version of this with Handoff on Mac, but with DeX there's no need to worry about losing a connection between two devices. Note 8 is the computer, and it surpasses anything you can do with iOS. Connect a Note 8 and you will have a complete desktop with your phone, with optimized and resizable applications. It's as if you could expand your iPhone to the size of an iPad by pressing a button.

How to solve it?

Now, Note 8 probably will not appeal to the tens of millions of eager buyers of the iPhone 8, but Apple should not ignore the things that Samsung is doing to balance the scales. Not that you can not do a serious job on the iPhone, is that you can work better in the terminal South Korean. And that is something that will not change if the iPhone 8 does not bring more than a new design without bevel , to give an example.

While the Samsung-controlled voice assistant has only been available in the United States for a couple of months, Samsung is already thinking in broader terms than Apple with Siri. In Note 8, you can set up fast Bixby commands that allow you to start automated voice workflows to perform complicated tasks. For example, you can set a night action that will silence your phone, turn off notifications, activate the alarm, and activate the blue light filter. That is much more useful than asking Siri to turn off the lights.

Like any new iPhone, 8 will be the best device Apple has ever produced, and its design will surely inspire a galaxy of imitators. However, without some new productivity and support features for Pencil , it will not be able to meet the high standards of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Source : macworld.com

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