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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Everything that has the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that does not have the iPhone

You may have already heard about the ad campaign that Samsung has started these days. Maybe it has happened that you did not have to endure the ads of your great presentation on every page that you visited. In any case, the issue is that yesterday was the Samsung Unpacked Note 8, the new flagship of the Korean company , which is willing to mark its territory before the iPhone 8 makes its big appearance in September.

And as is usual with these great releases, it's time to make a small comparison to see what can decantarte towards the Samsung model. Those aspects that Apple should improve for its next versions, although we anticipate that they are few. And is that nothing is missing more than see the price of the new device, which exceeds 1000 euros, to realize that Samsung is opting to try to become a second Apple .

The infinite screen again dazzles us in the Galaxy Note 8

Of course, it is important to remember that the range of Apple has not yet been updated, so it is possible that some of the defects that we highlight will disappear in the next version. An example of this is the screen of Note 8, which, to this day, has no rival in the market. As you know, Samsung is an expert in this type of OLED panels , and it shows every time you introduce a new phone. Hopefully it does the same with the iPhone 8.

Secondly, we have the design. In this case, it is more of a personal matter and not something objective, but the symmetrical form of the phone is really nice , and has nothing to envy the iPhone. On the contrary, the iPhone has a fairly fat problem in hand, the frames. Apple has had the time to reduce the size of your device, but it seems that it has not been until this year when you have realized this.

There are still some features against which the iPhone will never be able to compete

In terms of software, it is simply important to highlight the big difference between Bixby and Siri, and that the first has not yet come out of its testing phase. And, of course, integration with the S-Pen, something unique from the Note. Now, as for the photographic aspect, Apple should get to work as soon as possible, because the Note 8 with its double camera with double optical stabilizer has proven to be really superior to the iPhone 7 Plus , which lacks a double stabilizer.

All this makes the Galaxy Note 8 a rival worthy to compete, not only against the current range of iPhone, but also with everything that comes. Samsung has introduced a really interesting device, and although we will have to know how it moves offstage, it seems that will give enough war to the next generation of Apple . A generation that is less than a month away from showing the world, if all goes well.

And you, what would you buy, a Galaxy Note 8, or an iPhone 7? Would you expect the iPhone 8?

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