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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Facebook plans to face Wallapop, this is Marketplace

Mark Zuckerberg's is simply spectacular. First create a social network as spectacular as Facebook and take it to success , then buy other leading apps like WhatsApp (what can we tell you not know the popular messaging application) and Instagram and then aims to be the absolute leader of the communication.

You have no qualms about innovating , with more or less success, or remember the controversial states of WhatsApp. But the one who does not risk does not win, and under that premise can be said without any doubt that Facebook Messenger has been a success. But Zuckerberg goes ahead by imitating formulas that work, like the Stories or directly planting face to the all-powerful YouTube and now emulating Wallapop with MarketPlace .

If you are a Facebook user you may know a group that works as a private sale market in your area, well, the dynamics of Facebook Marketplace is quite similar, providing a platform for its users to sell or buy objects without leaving the app .

In fact, it has been available since last year in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. But it is this summer when it lands in Europe reaching Spain , Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and 12 other countries.

How does Facebook Marketplace work?

When we told you that you face Wallapop face is because, in addition to doing exactly the same, the operation is identical , so if you jump platform you do not have to familizarte.

To sell a product, upload photos in the appropriate category, price and location. If you want to buy, browse the categories, use the filters and the search engine until you find what you are looking for and contact the seller to start a direct message.

As with other Facebook services, you can access from Facebook applications for both iOS and Android. It smells of absolute success .

Via | Engadget

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