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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Facebook YouTube is here, the end of an era?

We always say that we live in a multimedia society where everything goes through our eyes. Video on Facebook has long been a reality. Watching videos on this social network has the incredible power to connect people , elicit interest and encourage discussion.

On Facebook, videos are discovered through friends that we have connected or through friendships in common. As more and more people enjoy this experience , we have seen that people like to discover and share videos.

We are therefore before Watch, a new platform for shows on Facebook . Watch will be available on mobile, desktop and laptop devices. You'll also have a follow-up list so you never miss anything you're interested in .

Watch is customizable through an app called Watchlist, so you can discover the contents that interest you. For example, you'll find sections like "Most commented", which highlights everything that is being talked about at the time , something like Twitter trends, or another with everything your friends are watching.

We have learned from Facebook Live that comments and reactions from people to a video are often as much a part of the experience as the video itself. So when you watch a show, you can see reviews and connect with friends and other viewers while you watch it.

"Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find their audience, build a community of passionate fans and even earn money for their work," said the blog's creators.

At the moment Facebook Watch is only available in the United States and a small group of users, so far no news of a release to level, but it is true that can be a shock to the giant of videos, YouTube . Welcome, therefore, is everything you call to stimulate new things.

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