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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Facial recognition of the iPhone 8 will exceed the speed of light

As already known (although there is no official confirmation), the iPhone 8 that will be presented in September will have a huge amount of new hardware, among which note facial recognition .

But of course, innovation is meaningless if it is neither useful nor reliable . And is that if the facial recognition is going to replace the Touch ID , what is expected at least is that it is as fast and secure as the fingerprint. After all it will be used to unlock the terminal, buy apps and multimedia content and also Apple Pay.

Facial recognition sounds exciting and indeed it is, but many users have wondered about the speed and efficiency of this new technology , because the Touch ID works quite effectively and costs a blink of an eye. In fact, there are people who just use the 4-digit code to use the iPhone.

Well, everything seems to point out that apart from being a precise technology thanks to the 3D sensor integrated in the front camera, it will also be very fast: a millionth of a second will be the time it takes for your handset to recognize your face and unlock it .

According to the Korean Herald, filtering the words of one of the suppliers:

    The new face recognition scanner with 3D sensors can detect the user's face in millionths of a second. In addition, these sensors will be used for Augmented Reality apps, which integrate virtual 3D images with the real-time environment.

If this is true, it would be a wise choice. And it is that the Touch ID took about a second to unlock the smartphone when it was first used in 2013 and although it is getting faster, it does not reach even at those speeds. Therefore, with face recognition we will win , at least in time.

Via | Korea Herald

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