Finally, the next Apple Watch would not have its expected redesign -


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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Finally, the next Apple Watch would not have its expected redesign

The Apple Watch has been on our wrist for more than two years, and in all that time, it has maintained the same design with which it was presented for the first time. With its smart watch, Apple has preferred to follow a strategy designed to maintain a base design that changes materials and allows to use the same straps of the first model. And it seems that will continue to maintain that same design this year with the arrival of Series 3 .

That we are going to have a new Apple Watch was something that we all expected. At first, we came to think that Apple's watches would follow a cycle different from that of phones, however, the evolution of technology makes it impossible for Apple to spend more than a year. A few weeks ago, with Bloomberg confirming the existence of a model with mobile connectivity , it also appeared again the rumor that the new watch would receive a complete redesign, but it seems that is not yet the time.

The Series 3 will focus on its newly acquired LTE connectivity

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities and a regular of Apple's rumor, the new generation of Apple Watch would focus on the 4G LTE connectivity it has acquired and the features it will provide. Remember that, if everything goes according to plan, this new feature would allow access to all the services offered by the clock, such as browsing, without having to be near the iPhone or a known Wi-Fi network .

Of course, the one that does not have a visual change, will have its repercussion in the sales. To achieve greater growth the clock would require, according to the analyst, not only a new design, but also new certificates for advanced medical functions . It would also help integrate technologies like 5G, although the latter would require more time. In any case, for now we will have to settle for the same box as always.

And you, did you expect any major changes in Series 3?

Via | MacRumors

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