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Friday, 25 August 2017

Find out how to talk to someone on WhatsApp without saving your number

One of the main problems that WhatsApp has currently is the lack of options it has to connect with other users . The creators of the app have always been shielded in that using the phone number is the best method to protect the profiles of users in WhatsApp, in addition to being the easiest way to connect them.

However, it is obvious that, at this point, we would not have to have to be sharing our phone number to be able to talk to someone through this app. That is why, with the latest updates of WhatsApp, has integrated a new function that aims to improve this aspect of the service a little . Specifically, it allows us to create a link so that other users only have to click to contact us.

Prevents your contacts from having to be storing numbers with this useful WhatsApp function 

In order to take advantage of this new functionality, we must follow the following steps. To get started, copy the following address ( Then you must put your phone number behind the equal sign. Remember that you have to put the prefix to work, that in the case of Spain would be 34. In this way, if our number was 123 123 123, the link would be ( = 34123123123).

In this way, we can attach as our signature in our emails a link that allows users to contact us quickly. You simply have to click on the link , and it will automatically open the app with a new conversation towards that number. This way, we will save time when connecting with other people in WhatsApp, without having to save more numbers in the agenda. Sounds good, right?

And you, are you sharing your phone often?

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