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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Free does not give money: That will be WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has more than 1 billion active users per day, which is why it harvests truly impressive data transmission figures . As you probably remember, until a few years ago, the app needed to renew your subscription paying 99 cents a year, a ridiculous price for everything it offers and what allowed us to save on SMS. In fact, there are some scammers who take advantage of trying to emulate those times . But remember, to-date WhatsApp is free .

But things are going to change, because it is inexplicable that an app of such magnitude does not report the emoluments expected because of a poor monetization . Facebook spent more than 20 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp in 2014 and for the "only" that makes profits is for the sale of our data.

That's why WhatsApp Business, a new business-centric application, will be born soon , with the goal of enabling you to access the millions of users of the app that we can find all over the world and offer products that are potentially interesting.

How WhatsApp Business will work

It goes without saying that WhatsApp Business will be very beneficial for entrepreneurs, who will be able to reach us by the most direct channel that exists (with the exception of the cold sale, of course). But calm, apparently there will be a double interface so that they can separate the professional area from the staff : the usual, which will allow us to communicate with all our contacts, and a second to launch ads to potential customers. One app for everything.

Also, it will also have a function called "structured messages", which are those that incorporate a lot of text, images, links and other elements . In this way, all the information will be shown at once, to be as invasive as possible. Finally, you will also have instant translation to converse with companies from around the world.

All this information will be displayed in a single message, making it more convenient to display for the user . In addition, we will also have instant translations to facilitate conversations with companies that are not from our country.

But the last word will always be the users , who can decide if they want to receive this type of communications or not. In addition, even if they accept, they can always mark content as inappropriate or annoying. The question is, if users can allow this type of communication without any additional premise, who will do it voluntarily? That is the challenge of the group of Zuckerberg, to ensure that it is not spam, but interesting content for the user.

For greater security, this type of messaging can only be performed by verified commercial accounts.

Via | Andro4all

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