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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Future iPhone will be flak proof

A month after the release of the iPhone 8 - although now speculated with another unexpected new name - the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, the creative machinery of Cupertino never sleeps. It is known that is working on the iPhone 9 but the patents do not cease.

The last one we have known simply has enchanted us, because it will allow us to control the angle of vision. For us to understand, no one can look back over your shoulder to read what you do on your iPhone, iPad or Mac .

This patent has an entry date of June 30 last year, but has been made public this Thursday under the name "screens with adjustable viewing angles" and employs a controllable electronic filter that we can adjust to polarize the screen . In this way, it is the user who chooses it.

Ma'am, it ended up gossiping on public transport

The current LED displays have viewing angles as wide as possible, even reaching the 178 - half circle -. Interestingly, the older LEDs had much lower viewing angles of up to 45 degrees. But now, you can modify it yourself .

The first implementation seems to consist of a liquid crystal screen that forms a kind of sandwich with the polarizable and colored layers . So apart from controlling the viewing angle, we can also modify the brightness and intensity of colors and even omit or include images on the screen. Other possibilities of this technology include a backlight that selectively applies to certain areas of the screen, so that we can light or darken some sections.

But as we say, in addition to being integrated into the iPhone, will not be limited to iOS devices . Most likely we'll see it on the Apple Watch, Mac and any other gadget that includes a screen.

Via | Appleinsider

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