Give the WhatsApp scam hunt with these tips -


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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Give the WhatsApp scam hunt with these tips

WhatsApp security should be one of our top priorities, if it is not already. In our mobile ** we store much of the information with which we carry out our day to day **, and the mere possibility of our data being compromised should worry us, minimally at least. And WhatsApp precisely, is a coladero for all those who want to get into our digital world.

Especially because of the chains, which incite users to convey the same message in a massive way in order to get something in return, have been managed to spread through this instant messaging client multitude of malicious links. In the case of iOS, the problem is not so much that they can make unwanted downloads, since the control in this case by Apple is maximum, but through these links we enter, for example, a phishing page.

Against the threats that are hidden in WhatsApp, the best is common sense

And is that, it is really impressive how some undesirables are managing to create pages capable of deceiving anyone with a scandal. That's why, as Andro4All says, the most important thing when dealing with these types of threats is mistrust. We can not expect someone to give us something because yes in exchange for, for example, we sign in with our Twitter or Facebook account.

In addition, in case you decide to enter a link that you have received through WhatsApp, it is especially important that you verify that the address to which you redirect the link corresponds to the service . And, of course, you should verify that it is a secure connection, in which the data we send will be protected. With these little tips, you can achieve a high level of security, and with luck, you will not have to worry too much about the threats that lurk in WhatsApp.

And you, how do you protect yourself from these threats?

Source | Andro4All

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