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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Goodbye to the iPad mini, arrives the iPhone maxi

The new iPhone has not yet come out, what's more, there are 12 days left for its presentation and there is a rumor in which Apple would be planning an iPhone with an even bigger OLED screen next year. The report suggests that next year's iPhone will be offered in two sizes: a 5.85-inch with the same screen size as the iPhone 8, and a larger model of 6.46 inches .

The source seems to be the same as for the previous report, which then suggested that Apple was working on a slightly smaller model of 5.28 inches along with the 6.46 inch model . This latest report notes that the decision to continue with the larger screens was driven by both consumer demand and technological developments.

Sources said Apple until recently considered the launch of two iPhone's 5.28 and 6.46 inches next year, but the plan for the 5.28-inch model was abandoned due to the growing consumer demand for larger screen and related technical progress.

In June it was reported that Samsung was building the world's largest OLED display production plant as it seeks to meet future demand for screens for the iPhone 8 and beyond. As the only source of OLED screens for the iPhone 8, it is believed that Samsung has seven separate production lines dedicated to the next phone.

While the report appears to be based on a single source, the idea is at least plausible , suggesting a return to the company's recent tactic of offering a standard model and Plus every year. While a 6.5-inch screen has previously been translated into a tablet-sized device, the iPhone 8's non-bevelled design would produce something not very different in the dimensions of the iPhone 7 Plus.

There is also the fact that Apple seems not to be in a hurry to produce a new iPad Mini. The last update of the iPad Mini 4 was two years ago. It seems possible, perhaps even likely, that Apple plans to discontinue the iPad Mini altogether . If so, it would offer a larger iPhone to those who like that kind of devices and measures.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you see logic? Will we see it next year? Tell us in comments, we are waiting for you.

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