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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Google arrives late and bad to Augmented Reality

As we have said on other occasions, augmented reality is a technology that is thought to stay . Technological companies are already thinking and launching products designed to take full advantage of the possibilities that it offers us today. From Facebook, Microsoft, through Apple and Google, all the big multinationals are deciding how they will launch into a market that will most likely flood the streets in the next few years, as it is able to do Pokémon GO today.

And is that, augmented reality is not only designed to create games. This new way of seeing the world allows us to eliminate the barriers that exist between the digital and the physical. It gives us the possibility of finally getting rid of the screens, so that information and imagination flood the world around us. RA and RV are the new forms of computing , and for this reason, all companies want to move files as soon as possible. And now, it's time for Google.

Apple has been betting on the consumer market from the beginning. Google, no.

In June, during WWDC 2017, Apple introduced us its new tools for the development of augmented reality apps, ARKit. Well, it seems that this movement of Cupertino has forced Google to adapt to a completely new situation. A few years ago, they started the development of Project Tango, and with it, managed to put themselves in charge of a technology of augmented reality really advanced. However, they forgot to conquer what really matters: the consumer market .

When Apple launched ARKit, it did so thinking of a larger audience than any of Google's phones. And now, after the first few have managed to convince developers around the world, they will try to recover ground with ARCore , their particular tool set. Anyway, we already know by far the power of conviction of Google for new technologies, and bearing in mind that it will only support the Google Pixel and the Galaxy S8 at first, does not start with good footing. We will have to wait a while to see who is finally rising with victory in this battle.

And you, do you think Google has something to do against Apple in this field?

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