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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Have the best maps available even offline with this app

Now that we are at the doors of the month of vacation par excellence, it is time for us to get down to work to have the best experience possible. And is that holidays are not exactly something we can despise. These are moments in which we can finally disconnect from the stress of work and routine. These are the few days of true tranquility that we have throughout the year, and we have to take full advantage of them to avoid feeling that we have lost them .

That is why, if we have the privilege of escaping from our usual home, perhaps we should have everything under control. Including, of course, the indications to the places that interest us. Especially if the site where we go is completely unknown to us, because in this case we will totally depend on our maps being the last available . Something that, honestly, I do not think you want to leave in the hands of an old TomTom, or the Guide Campsa. So, let's introduce you to an interesting and simple alternative.

Stop worrying about the data as soon as you download the map

You may not know it, but Google Maps has a really interesting feature for those who do not want to rely on their data connection. This allows you to download those parts of the map that you need most to have them always available. Of course, this also includes points of interest that are in that area, but will not offer the same information as a permanent connection. Just download the app, access the menu (the three lines of the search box), and select Offline zones.

There, you can choose if you want to download some of the areas you visit, or if you want to choose a personalized zone. In any case, you will know the space that will occupy in your memory. Keep this in mind, because you may inadvertently fill your memory by downloading maps. Once you have downloaded it, you will not have to worry about having a connection again to see that area. So, keep it in mind when traveling, maybe save you from any other trouble.

What do you think about this Google Maps feature ?

 Google Maps: Navegación y tránsito
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