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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Having all the connectors and adapters from Apple would cost you 900 €

Apple has an addiction. Tim Cook's company is addicted to money. They never have enough and always want more, like any drug addict. This can be seen clearly reflected in their new "hobby" of removing connectors to sell adapters , which are not cheap at all.

The clearest and most current example we have right now is that last year in September, Apple removed, without asking anyone, the headphone connector, forcing us to use a small adapter for those of us still wearing headphones . Luckily, this adapter came free with the iPhone 7, surely to dampen the criticism they knew they would receive for that decision.

The iPhone 7 is not the only Apple device that needs adapters, there are not too many things to connect to an iPhone. On the other side we have the MacBook, Apple laptops have even decided to eliminate the traditional USB connectors. Maybe that is the most successful step towards the progress and miniaturization of technology , but the giant of Cupertino does not facilitate this progression forward, makes it more difficult forcing you to change and forcing you to buy adapters to continue using the devices that already You had before buying the new equipment.

How much does Apple take with its Adapters?

As I said before, these adapters are not exactly cheap. A simple connector to adapt the old plug of 30 feet of Apple with the lightning cable costs 40 euros and of course, will not work if it is not official.

In total, in the official page of Apple we can find 23 adapters. Each adapter has its specific price and specific function. To summarize as much as possible: if you want to take advantage of everything the iPhone or MacBook can offer you using the maximum number of possible ports, it will cost you more than 900 euros ($ 857). This figure is achieved by adding the price of all adapters.

In short and few words, it is Apple. This is not the first time he has done something similar or will not be the last. Their eagerness to control the market has no limits . Luckily for them, they will never stop selling products. Their fame is such that whatever they do will always have buyers.

Source | Businessinsider.com

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