Here are the covers that you would not want to put on your iPhone -


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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Here are the covers that you would not want to put on your iPhone

It is obvious that the holster market has a pull. Practically legion people who like to personalize their iPhone with some of them, not only to give a different touch, but to provide protection to our device .

And as there are no tastes written, today we have compiled for you a good selection of the most frikis, ugly, curious and horrible cases that we can find on the net. Join us on our journey.

Game of Thrones

With this grotesque you are a candidate to become blind when writing a message , although as a defensive weapon in a robbery can come well.

Comb sheath

Looking at it well, you can brush your hair while you are in the elevator , although your comfort is in question.


The truth is that they are original, but very uncomfortable and impractical. I doubt anyone can wear this more than a week.

American fist with pinchos

From this we even come to doubt its legality . Nothing recommendable.

Plush Cases

These will be pleasant to the touch, but they trap more dust than a cloth . We doubt they last clean more than 2 days. If you are a friend of the mites, this is yours.


This thing, not to call it worse, is a case with a chicken nugget stuck , or so the manufacturer says. We were perplexed.

Half-haired thug

If you are going to roll the pouch, here's what you were looking for. Disgusting, ugly and impractical .

A heladito over here

Ice cream we have been left to see such nonsense, an ode to the most exaggerated frikismo .

Do you hear me?

Well, if you do not hear me you have a problem. With this case at least you assure the laughter, on the part of the others , it is clear.

So far our selection, we hope you have been able to appreciate the universe of rare cases that exist for our iPhone. And you, which is the most ugly of them all? Leave it written in comments and we'll wait for you in the next post.

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