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Saturday, 12 August 2017

How can you get articles from your favorite series?

Surely everyone who reads this right now is a follower of some television series or the Internet. The series are slowly getting to the ground of the cinema and more if we look at that there are enough series in which each chapter lasts more than 40 minutes , little less duration than would have a movie of short film.

If you are one of those who spend several hours stuck in a series, surely you will be interested in this application. On the Internet you can find many applications to list and organize the chapters of series or films , this takes the concept to the extreme.

I speak of course the application Buaala . This amazing app differs from any other by the fact that it takes into account the tastes of all its users and their friends . This way, you will always be right when suggesting a movie or series. In addition, as informed by the team of Buaala, soon the application will also be able to recommend plans so you never have nothing to do with friends and acquaintances.

It should be noted that Buaala has the ability to know so well its users that may come to suggest the next series you want to see . And if you are with your friends, you can also take into account their tastes to choose something that will appeal to everyone.

Find the merchandising you wanted

But I'm not here to talk about the application, today I'm writing this to teach you one of its best features. In many applications you can have an organized list of the chapters of the series you are watching, but it is often very difficult to find objects in the series that we see each day before going to sleep . On many occasions we resign ourselves to simply seeing the series or buying products from it to foreign countries, with the possibility of never arriving or paying customs.

Buaala has the perfect solution for these problems, as it offers us a section completely dedicated to those who like to have objects from our favorite series . This section is directly connected to Amazon , this way we will always have the guarantee of the company and we will not have to search the product on the Internet, risking to find a spoiler that will ruin the next chapter.

This could not end here, the application is much more complex than it seems at first glance. Buaala learns from what we like using an algorithm that is based entirely on collective intelligence . The algorithm of Buaala has been several years in development and is able to offer us many objects and accessories depending on the series that we like the most or what we see more. The app also allows us to give gifts to the friends who use it , so we will never be left with nothing to give away.

We can not deny that Buaala is making a dent in the world of series and movies and not for less. Of course, an application that makes our life of leisure better and that helps us that everything related to the series is easier, will always be received with open arms.


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