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Sunday, 13 August 2017

How to add a zoom magnifying glass to your iOS screenshots

The screenshots are an ideal tool to explain anything to a friend or family member. In addition to sharing fun moments and explain functions of applications for iPhone and iPad.

In this article we'll explain how you can add a zoom magnifying glass to your screenshots from the native Apple Photos app. It is very easy and very useful!

It is important to note that this tutorial for iPhone and iPad is not only limited to screenshots but also to any image and photo.

How to add a zoom magnifying glass to your images on iPhone and iPad

Once you have taken a screenshot or saved an image, you can use the native iOS Photos application to include effects such as a zoomed magnifying glass to clarify concepts, explain functions, or simply point to something in particular.

1. Take a screenshot where you want to add the effect.

2. Access the native iOS Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Open the picture, image or screen shot in question.

4. Press the edit button in the form of three horizontal parallel lines.

5. Then, press the button with circular shape with three points inside.

6. Select the "Dialing" option.

7. At the bottom you will see a button that shows an "a" with a magnifying glass. Put it on.

8. The magnifying glass of this functionality has two small points, one green and one blue. The blue point serves to resize the magnifying glass, while the green point serves to adjust the zoom.

9. Place the magnifying glass in the position you want, adjust its size and press Ok.

10. Save the applied changes to the photo, the image or the screenshot and go. You have already added a magnifying glass with zoom for your tutorials and / or to explain any concept to your friends and family.

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