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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How to be an ace with files on iOS 11

With iOS 11, we can leave behind several of the shortcomings that the operating system has dragged through all these years. From the lack of gestures like drag and drop, to a completely necessary enhancement in the multi-tasking of the iPad. But if there is something that has improved especially, is the management of the files with the new version. And is that, from the moment the new update is released, users will be able to manage their content in a completely different way .

This is due to the arrival of the new Files app, which lands on iOS 11 to bring order to our storage space. With this new application, we will not only be able to consult the files that we have in the memory of our iPad or iPhone, we will also have the option to connect to a multitude of services in the cloud , such as Box. This way, we will have all our files in one place.

Files, one of the main new features of iOS 11 

The interesting thing about this new app, that you can know more in depth in the video that you can find in this same article, is that it is fully compatible with all the new features of iOS 11. This will allow us to dispense with other solutions provided by third parties, Were limited by the limits that Apple imposes when accessing the files stored in the internal memory of the device.

As we have said, this new arrival with iOS 11 in the coming months. But if you want to participate in its development, and contribute your bit with your comments, you can download the public beta from the program of betas Apple . This way you can know the new functions before anyone else, something that you sure like many of you.

And you, how did you manage your files so far? 

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