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Monday, 21 August 2017

How to charge your iPhone in just 5 minutes

We know that the management we make of the battery of our favorite device is crucial. Now that we are in the summer, and therefore, with many free and happy hours, we "drink" the battery in a spell. If we are lucky we can charge, but sometimes we get a local and we must ask the favor to let us load it. We are going to give you a couple of tips to maximize that load time to maximum and to find us as much as possible.

Remove the cover

Yes, it is not nonsense. Any electronic device generates heat when charging and if we remove the case we are doing a good double. In the first place, it will be charged in a little less time, and then we will prevent it from suffering unnecessarily .

Do you have an iPad charger?

Better yet, we will manage to scratch a few tenths that can be very good if we have little time. It has been proven that we won between 3-6% of time with this gesture . 

Charger and original cable

These accessories, whether original or at least certified by Apple , take full advantage of the load flow. We have commented in many occasions that it is not worth buying these accessories in Chinese bazaars, something more that the load is at stake.

Airplane mode

We do not tire of repeating it, airplane mode only provides advantages. When activated, our iPhone will be completely covered, that is, its antennas become unusable (Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, and Bluetooth), so that our device is not going to spend innceseraia to go looking for signals or networks. In addition, we know that when receiving any notification lights the screen, and this entails extra battery expenditure . So if you want to optimize your load, plane mode on.

So you know, if you have little time to connect your iPhone to a plug, follow these tips and you can optimize the load . We look forward to you in the next article.

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