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Saturday, 26 August 2017

How to configure WhatsApp States in WhatsApp

We do not know if the WhatsApp states are being successful or not. What we do know is that Facebook wants to put them in all possible places. All apps on the company's social networks have suffered the arrival of this strange way of communicating, which came after seeing the success of Snapchat. A success that Facebook seems to want to replicate at all costs. And now that they have run out of apps, they will opt for a new strategy to go for those who do not want to be with the mobile on hand.

As we have already mentioned, the WhatsApp development team has integrated the states into the WhatsApp Web interface . In this way, users can access them from all devices compatible with this system, such as computers or tablets, thus expanding the number of potential users who are attracted to this system. Today, we will teach you to use them, so that you will not miss anything.

Get WhatsApp status now on your computer

The WhatsApp Web utility is in function as an extension of the mobile. By itself, this is a very limited web application, as you know. Unfortunately, in this case it is no different, and you can not create states through it . In fact, it becomes complicated to think of a way to move the recording experience of video messages to the web, so it makes sense in a way.

WhatsApp Web will only allow you to see the states that you and the rest of your contacts publish in the service. To do this, you simply have to click on the circle divided into three that appears in the upper bar of WhatsApp Web. With that gesture, you will enter the interface of WhatsApp Status for the web, from where you can see all available states. Anyway, hopefully the app team will soon have a way to fix this, so that we can soon create new states from the web.

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