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Monday, 28 August 2017

How to Connect Multiple USB to a Single iPad

The iPad has managed to overcome its fall in sales in this quarter, being again a front-line product for Apple, achieving enormous benefits for the company. Its rebirth is due to the new iPad Pro and the new iPad , terminals of first and second line with which those of Cupertino intended to reach the consumers.

Apple has been determined to tell us through advertising campaigns that the iPad is capable of replacing our computer , something that many question. How you are going to replace your computer with only connector, is the fundamental argument that we have all the users every time Apple raises it. What if we tell you that you can connect all the USB you want?

Connect the USB you need to your iPad

This trick works because, in short, the Lightning connector is an improved USB connector . You will not be able to connect a printer or hard drive, but the following gadgets :

  •     Camera
  •     Keyboard
  •     Audio interface
  •     MIDI Device
  •     Ethernet Adapter
  •     Projector
  •     Memory card reader 

There are a few accessories that you can connect to your iPad, some are already known because they have their own Lightning adapter in the Apple Store, but others have been able to surprise you.

Like a USB port, the iPad connector can be multiplied with a USB hub. Depending on your intentions you may have enough with a hub without power, the requirements of the peripherals have to be very modest. If you need more power and do not feed it with a power-powered hub, it will jump on the iPad warning you of the need for more power.

How do I connect a USB hub to my iPad

In order to connect a USB hub to your iPad , you only need to purchase the Lightning to USB adapter for cameras or the Lightning to USB 3 adapter for cameras . If you have not purchased any of these two accessories, we recommend you buy the second, now you can understand why.

Once you have your USB hub ready:

  •     Connect your devices
  •     Turn on the power
  •     Connect it to the Lightning Adapter
  •     Connect the adapter to the iPad 

Just as connecting a HUB to a Mac, the iPad will see the devices separately , being able to use all of them without any complication.

Charge iPad

Connecting so many devices will cause your iPad to squeeze out your battery, then, if we have connected the adapter to the Lightning port as we will do to charge it. There is! That is why we have recommended that you buy the Lightning adapter for USB 3, as it has a Lightning port in addition to USB, so you can charge your iPad in parallel . If you have decided on the HUB powered, you may not need two plugs, if you have a free USB in your HUB you can charge your iPad from it.

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