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Sunday, 13 August 2017

How to Connect with Strangers Using AirDrop

The new technologies (by the way, when will we stop calling them new?) Have changed our lives radically: we do not need to go to the office because in some cases we can work telepathically, it is not necessary to queue at the supermarket because they take us The food home, we can design and buy furniture from our living room and leave it at the door ... And yes, flirting has also changed .

How far away has that mythical phrase " What does a girl like you do in a place like this? "Yes, we already know that we all have eyes in the face, there are bars, smiles and things, but with the applications of ligue has been able to make a previous filter and look for what interests us not to waste time.

However, when someone interests us we also use the technology to make our approach. I remember a little more than 10 years ago when teenagers took advantage of the time of the subway or the bus to send songs as a romantic declaration ... what a time, no matter how bad they have happened! Emulating at those times, we have found a rather similar situation on Reddit.

Apparently, a girl was at the traffic light waiting for this to change to green to start and continue its way when at a specific moment, turns the head and is with another driver in the same situation. Apparently, the girl looked cute, but he was absolutely obnoxious. So much so that in the desperate sends an AirDrop introducing himself and offering him his phone number . It seems that the play will do well and what at first seems a bit daring on its part, ends up consuming as a date. Or so it seems, judging by her impressions.

In any case, remember that if you want to avoid this type of situations it is best to deactivate AirDrop to not be visible or in your case, to have it only active for your contacts ... or not.

Via | Reddit

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