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Monday, 7 August 2017

How to create rooms and rooms in HomeKit for iOS

The Apple HomeKit platform offers iOS users a very simple and intuitive way to control and monitor their home automation accessories .

Thanks to the new Home app for iPhone and iPad, Apple allows the use of Siri to activate and deactivate the functions of HomeKit accessories . That is, it is possible to configure Siri commands to turn on the living room lights, to charge the iPhone, turn off the TV and much more.

In addition to configuring Siri commands with HomeKit environments, it is also possible to add rooms and zones to control the devices present in them and associated environments.

But, like everything, at the beginning it is quite complicated and confusing to understand how to create environments, how to configure the accessories or how to add more rooms in the HomeKit Home app for iPhone and iPad. But do not worry! Today we will teach you how to do it.

How to create rooms and areas on HomeKit

Siri will understand the custom names of your devices, rooms and zones. This way you can ask the virtual assistant to turn on the living room lights to differentiate them from the bedroom lights.

Name your HomeKit accessory

1. Open the Home application.

2. Press and hold your finger on the attachment tab.

3. Tap "Details".

4. Edit the device name.

Create a room at HomeKit

1. Open the Home app.

2. Enter the Rooms section.

3. Click the Edit button.

4. Tap on "Hab. by default".

5. Next you can choose to modify the available contents of the room by default or add a new room.

6. Enter a name for the room, taking into account which command you will use for Siri, and add a picture.

Create an environment in HomeKit

1. Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Press the "+" button.

3. Click the "Add environment" option.

4. Then click on "Customize".

5. Choose a name for your environment and tap Ok.

6. Select the accessory attached to that action.

When choosing a name for the environment, you must use a phrase you can remember to ask Siri what you want to enable or disable. For example, you can choose the name "I want more light" in the environment to ask Siri: "I want more light in the room" and the assistant will activate the lights automatically . This will take full advantage of Room and Room features on HomeKit.

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