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Sunday, 20 August 2017

How to customize the icons of your favorite applications without Jailbreak

Although Apple has ceded and implemented improvements in iOS 11 with respect to personalization, the iPhone and iPad operating system still has certain limitations.

However, there are always ways to skip these limitations, and this tutorial on how to customize iOS application icons is a good example of this.

Do not like the new Instagram icon? Would you like to give a unique style to your iOS applications? It is easier than you think!

Customizing your iOS apps

Follow these steps to customize the look and feel of your app's iOS App icons. There are so many choices to choose from.

1. Download the CocoPPa application:

 CocoPPa - icono&fondo de pantalla personalización
CocoPPa - icono&fondo de pantalla personalización

2. Press the search button at the top.

3. Select the application you want to customize (YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp ...).

4. Explore among all available options and choose the design you like.

5. Click the "Choose this icon" option.

6. Reselect the app you want to customize.

7. Give Ok.

8. It will open Safari automatically.

9. Click on the Safari Extensions button.

10. From the floating menu, choose the "Add to home screen" option.

And ready! A new icon will be created with direct access to the application that you have chosen and with a unique design. Unfortunately, it will not replace the original app , so we recommend creating a folder to hide the apps you want to customize.

Video Tutorial

Have not you been very clear how to customize the icons of your favorite apps? Do you have any questions about the process? Do not know how to use the personalization application? Do not worry! In this video you will see step by step how it is done. In addition, you will have the possibility to see the wide

And this is how you can add a touch of joy to the icons of your applications. There are designs to suit all tastes, and all of the most popular applications on the iOS App Store are available in this customization application.

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