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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How to develop your own application with Swift 4 for iOS 11 for only 19 euros

The App Store is an endless source of resources, but also revenue. The Apple App Store is an ideal place to bet on the future by developing mobile apps for iPhone and iPad . It is a business that moves millions and millions of euros!

And now, with the arrival of iOS 11, it is interesting to make the most of the programming of Swift 4 to be one of the first developers to benefit from all its novelties and the advantages that this entails.

In this article we will recommend a series of courses so that you can become an expert in Apple's mobile application development technology .

A unique opportunity to learn how to develop your apps

Recently, Udemy has presented an exclusive promotion for readers of iPadizate , this offer consists of a series of courses valued at up to € 200 which are now available for only € 19 .

These courses are taught by the most trained instructors today, and in addition to being a very affordable alternative to your pocket, the videos of the classes are completely in Spanish.

IOS 11 and Swift 4: complete course from zero to professional

Access this Udemy course | Exclusive offer € 19

With this course you will learn to program from scratch, the instructors will teach you step by step how to master Swift 4 and develop native iOS 11 applications . The process will help you understand how each of its features work.

In addition, you will have the possibility to obtain knowledge of Core Data, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, Cocoa Touch, Core ML and other advanced frameworks.

The possibilities are endless, you can create applications for iOS 10 and iOS 11, develop your own mobile games and learn all about the latest version of Xcode 9 . Become a mobile developer for iOS today.

Complete course of iOS 11 and Swift: from zero to expert with JB

Access this Udemy course | Exclusive offer 19 euros

In this course you will learn how to use Swift 4, the Apple programming language. From its most common characteristics to its most advanced functions. You've probably wondered how developers will be able to use the "drag and drop" feature of iOS 11 to enhance their apps ... right? Well with this course you will learn that and much more.

Classes also include lessons on PDFKit, CoreML, Vision, MusicKit and ARKit , Apple's new augmented reality programming and coding system.

Creating tables, Xcode 9, Swift 4, design of animations, use of split screens, libraries, control structures and all kinds of functions for your applications. This course has it all, take the opportunity and buy your course today !

Between both courses of development of mobile applications in iOS 11 with Swift 4 you will have more than 80 hours of content. A content explained to the letter, step by step, by the best instructors of programming of applications.

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