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Monday, 21 August 2017

How to dial with the Apple Pencil on iOS 11

If there is something that has achieved the new version of iOS, is to give a sense to the capabilities of iPads. Apple's tablet line was not at its best, but with the arrival of the new models, along with the new update, it is managing to recover from its stagnation. And is that with iOS 11, we can find all kinds of features specially designed for these devices .

Some examples are the revamped Dock, or the ability to work with digitized documents natively. Separately, they may be mere extras within the system. But, if combined, give rise to the most productive mobile operating system on the market , at least, as far as tablets are concerned. And one of the most interesting features it has, is due to its most "novel" accessory, the Apple Pencil.

Create notes with just one touch with iOS 11

So far, the integration of the Apple Pencil was somewhat limited when it came to serial apps. It was absolutely necessary to download other applications from third parties to supply certain functionalities that seemed necessary. However, with iOS 11, users will be able to take more advantage of their accessory with the option to mark and create notes quickly and easily. Do you want to start a note? Simply touch the lock screen with the stylus and aim .

You can also start the markup tool to sign documents within the Notes app, or to mark from screenshots, to photographs. And all this, thanks to the improved marking tool and the productivity options that will be available with iOS 11 when it arrives this fall to all iPad Pro . Cheer up, it's only a couple of months before you can really start taking advantage of your hardware.

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