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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to download Youtube videos to your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

Although there are many apps to download YouTube videos , they are usually full of advertising, so they are not too comfortable to use frequently. Also, with Jailbreak we also have tweaks to do it , but if you do not want to play it and do it as easily, quickly and safely as possible, in Applesfera teach us a magnificent way. It's about using the Workflow app.

Workflow allows you to program a series of processes, performing them automatically. Once it was a paid app, but since Apple bought it it's completely free, so even better. The process is simple: we will only need to download WorkFlow from the App Store from here .

As we say, we will only have to automate the download process, but it is not even necessary to create the flow, since we can download it from the internet already done. It's that easy:

1) Download Workflow.

2) On your iPhone or iPad access to Safari and click this link .

3) Get "Get Workflow" and mark the YouTube Workflow.

4) In any app, give Share (the icon with a square and an arrow in the upper area) and edit it so that "Run Workflow" appears.

And we already have the configuration ready to download videos. Now we only have to select the one we like. In fact, this is what we will have to do from now on to get our favorite videos .

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone and iPad with Workflow

Now, it's just a matter of a couple of taps.

1) Go to YouTube and find the video that interests you.

2) Give it to share and in the "More" option, click on "Run WorkFlow".

3) The download will start automatically as soon as you select if you prefer to download the video or just the audio.

The video will be saved on the reel and you can access it without requiring to consume the megas of your data rate. A marvel. However, we recommend you look for more Workflow streams to be able to squeeze this powerful app to the max .

Via | Applesfera

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