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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How to get the most out of your hands on the iPad Pro

 The new version of iOS will bring a lot of new features to Apple devices, but if there is a big benefit in this update, that is the iPad. Apple's tablet line will finally receive the features we've been waiting for all these years. From improvements in multitasking, to new gestures that take advantage of the large screen of these iPad.

Therefore, to receive all these changes, Apple has created a series of video-tutorials in which they disclose all the news in a fast and fun. Today, for example, they will teach you how to use your hands better with iOS 11 in the iPad Pro. And no, you do not need to start getting bad ideas of the title they have put, it is seen that they did not think too much when it came to Produce it.

The multitasking in iOS 11 has taken a big leap in the line of iPads 

 In this new video from Apple, we can see, for example, the new gesture of drag and drop that will allow you to take the files between the currently active apps . For example, you can select multiple photos in the Gallery app to paste them into a new email. It also works for the main menu, allowing you to move several apps at once with a few taps.

In addition, they remind us that multitasking gestures continue to function just as they did before, adding a new one to access the revamped multitasking menu by sliding the finger from bottom to top. There has not been a faster way to jump between active applications. And the truth is, it already needed a change of this type on the iPad.

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