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Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to harness the power of the new Dock with iOS 11

The most innovative version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 11, has introduced a multitude of functions. Among them, the redesign of the user interface of the Dock and its new features stands out.

Recently, Apple published a series of very original commercial spots (as usual) in which they explain, as a tutorial, all the things you can do with iOS 11 and its different features.

With the iOS 11 Dock now users of iPhone and iPad will have the possibility of accessing content in a much more effective way . It is present in the App Switcher, supports multitasking functions, allows you to add more applications and displays the ones you have used for the last time. There are many novelties to take advantage of!

So Apple explains the functionality of its new Dock

 The spot has a rather comical style, like the rest of videos Apple posted on iOS 11. First, they show the option to add many more applications in the Dock than in previous versions of iOS.

And most importantly, watch out, because now you do not need to keep your finger pressed on an icon, wait for it to vibrate, and then move it to the area you want (towards the Dock this time). No, no, now it will be enough to drag and drop , directly. A very powerful Dock ...


If you want to open a document that you have been working with, iOS 11 will allow you to open it using a menu with shortcuts that appears when you keep your finger pressed on the Dock app.

But best of all, undoubtedly, it comes with drag-and-drop functionality . From your iPad you can activate the Dock with a simple gesture even if you are using another application, drag an image (text, file, video, etc) to another application and release it. Very, very useful.

Now it's your turn. What do you think about the new iOS 11 Dock? Do you like your style? What would you add to make it perfect?

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