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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How to Overcome the Obsession of Blue WhatsApp Double Check

WhatsApp, the messaging application so popular, may have become something that enslaves us. Many of us are constantly awaiting the famous double blue check , the one that warns us of reading our messages. Let's talk a little about it and give some advice to avoid living mediated by it.

There is absolutely no benefit in knowing when someone has read your message, and the time it will take for you to respond. How can we alleviate our obsession with WhatsApp? First of all, we have made our iPhone an additional appendix of our body , in such a way that it is attached to our hand like a tick.

If to this fact, we join the culture of permanent immediacy , in which everything must be quickly, in a now, we have the perfect cocktail. The bad thing is that it is something that is not healthy for our mental health: impatience, anxiety, increase of our insecurities and, ultimately, bad roll. We all have a natural negativity bias. If we already have a doubt, the double blue check plays on the insecurities about ourselves and our relationships.

How can we stop our WhatsApp obsession?

First, think if those feelings of fear and nervousness that we have for the double blue check compensates us. All that I am accumulating in my interior, where does it take me? Does this ego compensate me? Probably not.

Do not think about it any more, if you have felt the sensations described above you go to Settings and then to Account. Later to Privacy, where you will find the options Confirmations of reading, that you must deactivate. Perhaps with this simple gesture you have begun to take a new step, to be yourself and to live in a different way. Believe me, you will not miss anything and your messages will not be received later if the double check is disabled. Many times it is necessary.

If in another order of things, you have never felt uneasy with the double check, congratulations. I hope that anyway reading the article has served you to spend an entertaining little time.

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