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Sunday, 27 August 2017

How to prevent your Wallet ticket from continuing to bother you on the lock screen

When Wallet was deployed to iOS, it was proposed as the perfect system to take out the classic tickets, tickets and physical loyalty cards. Of that, already a few years ago, and it seems that, with the help of Apple Pay, the idea has been working little by little. There are fewer and fewer people who choose to print these types of documents instead of downloading them to their mobile phone with the use of such applications.

However, Wallet still does not work as well as we want. And this is not due precisely to a lack of functionality, but rather to excess. And is that, sometimes, Wallet can be a most annoying app if we put together with the system of suggestions of the lock screen. A system that supposedly should give us the app or, in this case, the most appropriate document for each situation, but that sometimes becomes a headache .

With just uncheck an option you will get rid of all the hassles

Therefore, to avoid problems, the app allows us to deactivate this function with the cards, tickets or tickets that we choose. This way, we will not have to be aware of the suggestions and we will be able to return to our quiet days of using iOS. To carry out this little trick, you just need to enter the Wallet app, and select the ticket that is bothering you.

Once you have done it, you have to click on the information button that appears in the corner. Once there, uncheck the option "Suggest on the lock screen", and you can say goodbye to the document that was bothering you. From that moment, you will only have to access your Wallet in a normal way, and select the ticket that you really want to use, not the one you suggest.

And you, have you solved this annoying problem yet?

Via | Cult of Mac

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