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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to quickly organize your app icons on iOS 11

If you are an average person, you have probably organized the icons of your iOS applications to your liking on the pages of your iPhone and / or your iPad.

But moving the application icons one by one, especially if you have many pages on the home screen, is a bit tedious and discouraging.

Fortunately, iOS 11 offers a very interesting novelty that will accelerate this process in a spectacular way. Is that how it works…

How to organize your applications much faster on iOS 11

Before the arrival of iOS 11 , users could only move one icon at a time on the home screen. Its operation was the same as now; Hold your finger on an application icon, wait for the icons to vibrate, and finally move it to the place you want.

But now iOS 11 lets you move many application icons at the same time . Thanks to the new and advanced Drag & Drop system of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system users can move multiple icons in seconds.

Do you want to know how it works? We'll explain it step by step!

1. Hold your finger on an icon until it begins to vibrate.

2. Hold your finger on an icon and start moving it.

3. With another of your fingers, without releasing the icon of the app, click on other applications.

4. Little by little, each icon of the applications you press additionally will be added to the selection of elements to move. It does not work with folders.

5. Once you have selected all the application icons you want, move the application group to the place you want and finally release your finger from the screen.

Video Tutorial

If you have any doubts or you have not been very clear the process, follow the steps of this video:

As you may have guessed, this trick is really simple and will save a lot of time when organizing iPhone and iPad home screen pages on iOS 11.

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