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Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to safely test any public beta

Recognize it, sometimes you can win it. You are a normal user, very satisfied with the performance that your device gives you, but on certain occasions you are tempted to try the different public betas that are coming out. You want changes, but you do not dare. Do not suffer, with these simple steps we assure you that you will not be disappointed and you will be able to calm your growing hype.

Previous considerations

Before launching to install a beta, you must keep in mind that it is very possible that things are not going well, that is to say, they are versions in development that can work in an unstable way . This possibility of crash is made more evident in the first editions of betas. It is obvious that a beta 1 will be worse than 4.


If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. So to heal you in health, it is very important that you make a backup of your device, either in iCloud or on a computer. The chances of having to restore are high .

Sign up for Apple's Public Beta Program

Simple and free. The advantage is that as a member of the Beta Software Program Apple, you can register your devices to access the public betas and test the latest news. Simply access your device from this link and follow the steps.

Download the profile and install it

Once you have registered your device, download your device the corresponding profile. It is necessary for him to locate the betas that Apple is taking out .

Wi-Fi, iCloud password and handheld charger

The betas usually have a weight of at least 2 GB and are therefore a challenge. And not only that, they require enough battery, so do it with your device well connected to the power . The iCloud password is well present, you will need it and if you have forgotten it, everything becomes very cumbersome.

Mentally prepare yourself

Once installed, the beta may not satisfy you. High battery consumption, faults, reboots ... All this can happen, so do not punish yourself for it. If you decide to go back, you can follow the steps indicated here .

So you know, lose your fear and dive into the exciting world of trial versions .

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