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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How to save money without sacrificing quality with cables

Apple sells Lightning cable in its online and physical stores for a price not negligible, depending on the length you want. To buy a good quality cable for your iPhone and iPad, you do not need to spend a fortune, you just have to make sure it is certified by MFI .

And what is that? As quickly explained, it is a certification that gives Apple to other manufacturers and with which it ensures that these cables are compatible, since they are certified according to the specifications of Californians. Not all manufacturers get it, hence the difference of having a cheap cable but with MFI, a cheaper and without it.

Mind you, this does not mean that non-certified products are not as good as certified products , but you do have guaranteed an Apple-compliant accessory or peripheral.

Amazon Basics
Amazon Basics

It is a charging and synchronization cable with Apple MFI certification (iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, iPad Air, iPad mini, mini 2, iPad 4th generation and iPod nano 7th generation). Wire, aluminum and mylar shielding reduce interference .

They have an outer nylon mesh that makes them more robust, so they are very hard to break and very sturdy. They also have an extra, the manufacturer guarantees them for life .


Aluminum clear case and thick nylon grip to ensure trouble-free loading throughout the day. Double-braided layer and ultra lightweight connector to fit most sleeves. Each cable has been tested on 3 different devices , and also has lifetime warranty.

You know, it is not necessary to make a high outlay with the original Apple cables. In addition to their price, they have the disadvantage that they end up dying all over the same site, for the joints with the connectors. So you already have these three alternatives to tell you the truth, they are the best value for money in the market . Until next time! 

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