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Friday, 18 August 2017

How to set up iOS 10 family

If we talk about useful features that have iOS but that uses few people, we would never end. IOS is one of those operating systems that offers much more than we can assimilate . When we use iOS and all its potential we can never fail to take advantage of it, because then we would lack something.

One of these functions is "In Family". With this, we can create a family group to share all purchases in iTunes, iBooks and App Store with all members of the family (maximum 6) and will not need to share the accounts. You can pay with a card the purchases of the whole family or approve a purchase that your children want to make from the iPad (an example). In addition, you can share your photos, the family calendar and much more.

Create family group

It is necessary that the one who creates the group is of legal age. This being so, this "head of household" can pick up your iPhone, iPad or Mac and start. Once it has been set up, you will be asked to confirm that you are going to agree to pay the purchases initiated by the relatives you are going to invite and that you have a valid payment method.

To configure it from iOS we go to Settings> [Your name], if you use an older version of iOS, instead of putting your name will put "iCloud". Then we go to "En Familia" and we give him to continue. After this, we will only have to confirm that we are the organizer and follow some simple instructions on screen .

Doing so in macOS is very simple, go to System Preferences and then place in iCloud. Next we go to Configure family and we follow a simple instructions .

After doing this we will have configured our family, but how will a family be if there is no family member inside? Here's how to invite family members.

Invite your family

To do this we only need the Apple ID of your relatives , in the case that they do not have ID you can create one and add them to the group.

To invite from iOS we go to Settings, click on your name and family. Then we just give Add family member and enter the Apple ID (email) of the family member we want to add. As simple as that.

To do this in macOS, just like to create the group, go to System Preferences and iCloud. Click on Manage Family and the "+" button .

If we want to accept the invitation, we go to the same address as to create the group (Settings> Your name in iOS, System Preferences> iCloud in macOS). We click on Invitations and there we decide what to do with it . We will ask you to confirm the Apple ID and password and what data to share.

Basically, after doing all this, we will be able to share lots of data with our relatives, including purchases, which is always appreciated . You will not have to buy the same game to your two children, from now on paying once will be enough.

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