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Thursday, 31 August 2017

How to translate a web without leaving Safari

Last year, with the arrival of iOS 10 to Apple devices, heaps of possibilities opened up for developers in the Safari browser. Thanks to a new move by the company to give Safari the much-needed update, creators were given the ability to integrate extensions. In this way, users could interact with the apps directly from the browser without having to leave the same.

This works in a way similar to other browsers in the market, such as Chrome. In this case, you have to download from the App Store an application that integrates an extension for Safari. So, we saved having to go through the start menu for something that we could solve in a couple of touches. Some examples of this are, password managers, such as 1Password, or translators, such as Microsoft Translator.

Translate your favorite websites with one touch

As we said, one of the most interesting apps that offer integration with Safari, is the translator of Microsoft. Thanks to it, we can translate full pages by simply touching its icon in the browser's share menu, which will perform the task according to the language we have chosen in the app settings. Of course, we have to be careful with what it translates, since it would not be the first time that solutions of this kind misinterpret the texts and leave us with a pile of nonsense words.

Of course, we will also have the same app available , with which we can make queries quickly. Also conserving, both the introduction of text with keyboard, as well as voice and images. Another of its novelties is that we will have at our disposal a conversation mode of the most practical. At least, if you do not make a fool of us in front of the person we're talking to.

And you, do you use these systems frequently?

 Microsoft Traductor
Microsoft Traductor

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