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Friday, 11 August 2017

How to use the new iOS 11 camera leveling feature

As a good fan of mobile photography, I try to take care of myself and worry about the quality of the photos. Not only in the composition, the textures or what I want to transmit, but also in giving a centered image .

It happens to me on certain occasions when I photograph the vault of a church, I want what is going to come out as I want. You can look at the photo I made last week in a Cadiz temple.

I saw them and wished them, at risk of even hurting my neck so that it would come centered.

As iOS 11, still in beta, has a very interesting option to make this type of photos come out focused. It is something that is disabled by default, but we will show you how to do it so that you do not suffer so much when it comes to shooting .

To do this, go to Settings> Camera and check the "Grid" option in green. The leveling tool uses the iPhone's gyros to determine where you are targeting and is similar to the level tool that is already built into the iPhone Compass application.

The level is displayed automatically when the camera is pointed towards the ground or sky, offering a pair of sight points, one fixed and one floating , which you must match. When they are, you have in theory the level photo and the perfect framing.

So you know, you do not have excuses to show very well the vaults of the churches or your bare feet in the little shore of the beach . Until next time!

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