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Friday, 4 August 2017

How will an iPhone without Touch ID be?

The latest mystery that surrounds the halo of uncertainty of the iPhone 8 Apple aims that the smartphone of the 10th anniversary could reach the market without the functionality Touch ID .

A couple of months ago we knew the news that Apple was having many problems with the implementation of the fingerprint sensor under the OLED touch screen of iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone Anniversary of 2017.

Other companies, such as Samsung, chose to incorporate functionality into the back of the terminal. But for Apple, this option seems very unlikely. In fact, the latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 might NOT have the Touch ID feature .

Would an iPhone without Touch ID really work?

The bad news, for the moment, is that we still do not know if Apple will integrate the Touch ID feature under the OLED screen, on a side button or on the back of the smartphone. But, hey, it could be worse. It could be an iPhone 8 without Touch ID.

Do you remember all those rumors about the arrival of facial recognition on the iPhone 8? Recently, the theory was leaked that Apple Pay services could be authenticated through this facial recognition technology.

This would be a pretty practical solution after the possible disappearance of the Touch ID. Another option, perhaps less certain, would be the implementation of a voice system that would allow users to unlock their mobile phones via Siri.

Should we panic? Is Touch ID the safest method to protect our data on the iPhone? Would it involve the disappearance of the Touch ID before and after in the era of technology? There are many questions in the air, and no one has the answers.

The Touch ID is available on all the latest iPhone and iPad models, in fact even present on the latest MacBook Pro. It's fast, secure and effective.

Best of all, the only good news we can reserve, is that Apple would not remove the Touch ID if they did not plan to present a more efficient solution .

For example, 3D facial recognition with sensors built into the FaceTime camera of the iPhone 8 would be an ideal solution. Think about it, thanks to the Raise to Wake function and the face recognition, unlocking the iPhone would be faster than ever . But ... Would it be better without the Touch ID? The answer, as always, belongs to you.

Source | BGR

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