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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Huawei is about to sell more mobile than Apple

Huawei is one of the most popular Chinese brands in existence. In the humble and insignificant opinion of a server, Huawei is too expensive a brand for what it offers , which has been marketed a lot over the years selling Chinese quality handsets at high-end prices. But leaving aside what the writer of an "Apple-Friendly" blog writer views, Huawei is growing a lot.

It is true that every year the market changes a lot and that Apple, Samsung and Huawei have spent many years in it, competing. However, there are always companies that are about to break and therefore disappear. An example would be the leaders of companies such as BlackBerry, EnergySystem, HTC or Motorola.

This year, the results of sales of the second quarter have just come out to La Luz and to some extent they are incredible. It is easy to imagine that company occupies the first position of this list, given that the number of telephones that this has in circulation is not short . We're talking about Samsung of course.

Chinese brands will dominate the market

As you have read as it is happening. Apple has been the second company with more sales in this second quarter, however, Huawei has stayed very close . While Apple controls 11.8% of the market, Huawei already has 9.4%, an incredibly high amount for a Chinese brand.

But the thing does not end here, and is that 4 of the 5 companies in the top are Asian. This is certainly terrible news for Apple, since it means that the Asian market is gaining more and more ground and that can end up dominating . Not for less considering what they offer and the price they give.

Maybe you think this is bad enough for the market in general. However, it is quite the opposite. In a world where companies inflate the price of certain products to maximize profits, entering competitors with very low prices can only translate into one thing: More competition . If there is more competition, large companies like Apple or Samsung will be forced to lower their prices .

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