Huawei is ready to topple Apple in another TOP -


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Friday, 11 August 2017

Huawei is ready to topple Apple in another TOP

According to data recorded in the production of smartphones from Chinese company Huawei from July to September, it can be deduced that it is nowhere to become the second largest producer of smartphones worldwide.

The Chinese company came to the market for years manufacturing low quality mobile phones, low design and low price. It remained there for years encompassing a market that interested all but not being an especially important company. However, the managers decided to give a change of course to the company and manufacture high-end smartphones .

Huawei grows and surpasses Apple

Sales of Huawei's smartphone headphones have reported production of 38.4 million devices in the last quarter . If the company's sales remain on the current growth curve, the company could close this quarter with the sale of 40 million devices.

In the same period Apple has achieved the sale of 41 million devices , but this quarter we can witness a decrease in the sale of devices as consumers will wait for the arrival of the new iPhone in September.

Apple's own CEO , Tim Cook, has admitted that, despite how well sales are going, they expect that in this period there may be a slight drop in sales.

It would be the first time since 2011 that Apple would make a difference between sales in the June quarter and September, but the rumors this year are too plentiful and have a lot of juicy information. So we have no doubt that a large number of buyers will wait.

Apple does not care about this

Although it is losing a position in the global TOP 3 of smartphone producers, Apple does not worry. The main concern of Apple is to increase their profits , while, there is no negative balance from year to year to those of Cupertino this does not matter.

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