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Saturday, 12 August 2017

If we thought that the fanaticism in Apple was bad, in Google maybe it is sickly

A Google engineer named James Damore has been fired from the company for writing a very controversial article about diversity.

After his dismissal, James Damore wanted to share some not very appropriate words about how to work on Google and its employees.

In an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal , James Damore offered an explanation as to why his dismissal , talking about the company's culture and its motto ...

At Google they work almost like worshiping their bosses

According to James Damore, for many Google employees (including him) working in the company is part of their identity, in fact they almost come to worship their own leaders . All this, under his own sacred motto of "Do not be evil."

James Damore was fired earlier this week after spending 3 ½ years as an engineer. The reason? An article he wrote giving his point of view about why men are biologically better suited for technology-related jobs. Nothing further from reality, iPadizate believe that both men and women are equal and have the same ability to work in technology and any other craft.

But the thing does not end here ... the former Google employee has wanted to return the coup to the company by changing his profile photograph on Twitter:

For more information, James Damore refuses to ask for forgiveness .

The engineer of Google believes that it was the work of his dreams and that brings great benefits. Finally, he said that he committed heresy in the company by making discriminatory comments .

When he tried to discuss the reasons for his controversial article, most colleagues and colleagues ignored him. The engineer thinks Google keeps its employees passive and obedient by limiting their opinions and allowing very little debate about their thoughts.

What do you think about the news? Do you think Google is a cult company? Where is there more fanaticism, in Apple or in Google?

Source | CNBC

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