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Friday, 4 August 2017

If you charge your iPhone all night, you should know that

Unless there is some component that does not work well as the phone charger or iPhone itself, it is totally safe to charge your smartphone overnight . Of course, everyone has seen some news of a device (including the iPhone) catching fire at night, but these are very strange accidents that can hardly be prevented and are usually due to poor battery condition.

That said, it should be clear that there is no reason to be afraid to leave an iPhone plugged in and charging . It's practically impossible that something bad happens to you unless you're doing something wrong.

Myths about charging the iPhone

It is very normal to see people who believe that leaving an iPhone charged to 100% connected to the current burns the battery of this. However, this is totally false. It is not only false but also that disconnecting it from the current when reaching 100% can be detrimental to this .

Of course we will not leave our iPhone connected for a lifetime so that your battery is still intact, then we would not need that battery. But the smartphone batteries normally withstand without deterioration about 400 charge cycles , plus or minus one and a half years of use. However, if we leave it connected when it reaches 100% of its load, it will not spend those cycles since it will not be unloaded. On the other hand if whenever we see 100% we decided to disconnect it, will be consumed before the load cycles.

The charge cycles refer to the full cycle in which the phone drops from 100% to 0%, which means that if we leave the connected phone will not overload, it will use the electricity it receives from the connector before the one that stores its Battery .

The only thing we need to worry about is that the equipment we use to charge the phone is safe. In addition, we must never cover the phone during charging , since the heat can compromise the battery charge and heat the device. It can even burn internal components.

Source | Bgr.com

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