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Saturday, 19 August 2017

If you do not like iOS 11 ... hallucinate with iOS 12!

Apple introduced iOS 11 along with a wide variety of new features. Now the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system of apple bite is more customizable, more efficient and more functional.

Among the most interesting new features of iOS 11 we find a Control Center that occupies the entire screen and allows you to customize its elements, with a Dock that has the redesigned design and drag-and-drop features, with an Notifications Center that has A new system.

But even though iOS 11 has received really interesting features, it's possible that many users are still not satisfied with the experience it offers. For them, we have discovered an iOS 12 design concept with all the missing features . And it's spectacular!

Conceptual design of iOS 12 on the iPhone with OLED display

A graphic designer known as Prince Studio has published a video and pictures showing all the functions that iOS 12 should have in their opinion. And to be honest, you have some very interesting ideas.

Virtual home button

This iOS 12 concept imagines a virtual Home button by which the existing functions of the current Home Physical button can be used . An ideal choice for the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Grouped notifications

Several years ago, Apple removed the iOS notification pool . It is one of the main reasons for criticism from users, who see how their Notifications Center is filled with individual elements with a lousy organization. This iOS 12 feature would fix it, and have a couple of visual enhancements.

Quick Switcher

The iOS 12 version could also improve the App Switcher (which in iOS 11 incorporates the Control Center and the Dock) with this "Quick Switcher" that shows us a sidebar with all applications open . Fascinating the aesthetics of your user interface, very "Apple"!

Fast call answering

Another of the most interesting ideas is the integration of a panel with quick response options for calls that occupies only the top of the screen.

Night Mode

Finally, the designer has imagined a Night Mode that has been talking about for a long time with a dark-colored user interface for notifications, for the Settings app, for the Control Center, etc.

IOS 12 concept video

Below we share a couple of videos in which you can appreciate in more detail all these new features of this concept of iOS 12 for the Apple iPhone 8:

What do you think of this concept of iOS 12? What features would you like Apple to incorporate?

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