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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

If you want a rate with good and cheap data, we bring you the best

In the summer, many of us have been able to leave our worries behind to rest and enjoy free time. Among those concerns, there is sure to be the mobile phone. That little devilish gadget capable of rejoicing the day, or of annoying him completely in the short time it takes to send a cell phone. But, to our dismay, summer, and probably our vacation, come to an end. And with him, it ends that we can afford to forget the cell phone .

That is why, since we are almost forced to carry it, we at least get as cheap as possible. And, knowing how complicated it is to choose a fee with a decent data franchise , we'll save you some work by bringing you some of the best options we've found. Including a special for all those who can not leave their favorite social networks.

Tariffs with the cheapest and most complete market data

In this case, we have included in the list the best OMV in the market, along with one of the big operators. Theoretically, Amena offers the best rate in relation to quality / price , offering for 6.95 euros a perfect rate for those who are looking for a good amount of data (2 GB) without having to leave a kidney. However, for a bit more, both Simyo and MásMóvil duplicate that franchise, thinking about those who need a plus.

In addition, Vodafone has been included in the table for its latest innovation, the Vodafone Pass. Thanks to this service, and paying a little more per month, users will be able to access unlimited social networks or streaming services. In this way, we will not have to worry about what we spend on content that, most likely, are the ones that consume the most. Then we leave the comparative table, take a look, and decide which is the best for you.

Call6 cents / minute0 cents / minute0 cents / minute0 cents / minute
SMS10.89 cents10 centsFree9.68 cents
Special featuresVodafone Pass
Price10,99 euros / month10 euros / month16 euros / month10 euros / month
Data2GB2.5 GB
Call0 cents / minute0 cents / minute
SMSFree9 cents
Special features60 minutes of IP voice
Price6.95 euros / month10.90 euros / month

What rate did you like the most?

Via | Andro4All

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