In September there will be a great combo, the iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch 3 -


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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

In September there will be a great combo, the iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch 3

There are new developments in the environment, since today we have learned that see expects Apple to launch a new model of Apple Watch in September, next to the iPhone 8. As the days pass, we learn more and more details .

Echoing Monday's Bloomberg news, CNBC says Apple is preparing to launch an updated Apple Watch model that will not require an iPhone to offer certain features like calls and messages.

Probably called Apple Watch Series 3, the new model will have an LTE version, says the report, which would make it a standalone device. The new watch will not replace the iPhone, but can act as a phone in cases where the iPhone is not present , such as during a mountain race, to give an example.

CNBC says the new Apple watch will arrive in September along with three new iPhone models. Bloomberg said earlier that Intel will deliver the necessary LTE modems to enable cellular capability on the Apple Watch, and that AT & T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon are planning to sell it. An Apple Watch with LTE connectivity will cost more than the Wi-Fi models, although of the real prices nothing is known at the moment .

The interesting thing about a watch with cell connectivity like this is the use of the battery . This LTE model is likely to use more battery, which means that Apple has to find a way to make sure the new model offers enough duration of it.

It is also likely that Apple would have to find a way to pair an Apple watch with the iPhone's phone number so people can still call when their phone is not nearby. Will we see any kind of eSIM technology in the upcoming Apple Watch ? We will have to wait for the Apple presentation event in September to get more details on Apple's upcoming innovations in the Watch.


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