IOS 11 productivity on iPad gives 1,000 returns to Android -


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Monday, 21 August 2017

IOS 11 productivity on iPad gives 1,000 returns to Android

Apple has introduced two new models of iPad Pro that will take full advantage of all new iOS 11 . In fact, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system has features unique to the iPad.

Although iOS was an operating system created especially for smartphones, its evolution is making the iPad count with excellent productivity, and in the case of iOS 11 is still far superior to Android .

With the arrival of iOS 11, the iPad Pro is now ready for battle against other tablets (and even PCs) on Windows and Android. It has functions that were really necessary . The new iOS allows users to organize their files using the Files application, use multitasking with the Dock, use drag and drop to move items from one app to another ... and much more!

The iPad is much more productive thanks to iOS 11

The truth is that iOS 11 has been able to transform the iPad into a much more powerful, efficient and productive tool . Much more than Android tablets. In this way Apple will get the iPad to continue dominating the market for tablets for a couple of years. 

Some will say that this update of iOS 11 has made the iPad (especially the new models) into something completely new. And reason does not lack. Now users of iOS 11 will have the opportunity to enjoy some unique features such as the possibility of having three applications open simultaneously with Slide Over and Split View.

But the element of iOS 11 that makes the iPad much more productive than any other tablet (in addition to the fluidity of the operating system) is the Dock. The new iOS 11 Dock is capable of activating almost everything. It has a direct access to actions and documents of each application, allows to open the latest applications, offers support for drag and drop , is present in App Switcher , and can be invoked from any open application. It is very useful!

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