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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

iPhone 8: date of the keynote, when you can book it and buy it

All the sources are clear, the keynote that will be presented the iPhone 8 will be next Tuesday, September 12 during its annual fall event (although in fact it is still summer). Although Apple has not yet sent the invitations and accreditations that would officially confirm the date, it is an open secret. So assuming that's the date of the presentation, here are all the dates you need to know.

Apple is a signature of customs: presents its iPhone every September during the first weeks and from that moment begins an agenda that allows us to predict the rest of dates related to the iPhone .

All the dates you should know about the iPhone 8

- Following the modus operandi of Apple, they would send the invitations and press accreditations just a week before the event , that is to say, the 5 of September.

-After the keynote of September 12, you can book the iPhone in advance on September 15 at midnight.

-The final version of iOS 11 will be released for compatible devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod touch) on Wednesday September 20, about a week after the keynote, where we can see different demos.

From Mashable it is believed that only the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be available in September , meaning that the iPhone 8 will be officially unveiled in the keynote, but sales will start soon afterwards. And is that some sources point out that Apple would have a limited number of iPhone 8 in stock and would take advantage of the hype to accelerate sales of its iPhone 7s.

However, many others think that Apple will follow the established procedure and will put on sale the iPhone 8 along with the rest of terminals, although it could happen as with the AirPods , that you could reserve them and buy them but the shipment took 4 to 6 weeks , a possibility that has enough ballots to be fulfilled.

Via | Mashable

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