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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

IPhone manufacturing materials only cost $ 1

Have you ever wondered what materials and what chemical elements are used in the manufacture of an iPhone?

We recently discovered, according to a bill, that Apple only costs € 207 to make an iPhone 7. But its manufacturing materials are even cheaper.

Statista, a company specializing in data analysis, has conducted an investigation listing the manufacturing materials of the Apple iPhone 6 and its consequent total cost.

IPhone manufacturing materials

Here is a list of all the materials that the iPhone has and its weight in grams . The data collected belong to the materials used to manufacture the iPhone 6 16 GB of storage capacity:

  • Nickel: 2.7 g.
  • Chromium: 4.9 g.
  • Others: 4.9 g.
  • Hydrogen: 5.5 g.
  • Cobalt: 6.6 g.
  • Copper: 7.8 g.
  • Silicon: 8.1 g.
  • Iron: 18.6 g.
  • Oxygen: 18.7 g.
  • Carbon: 19.9 g.
  • Aluminum: 31.1 g.

The total, in grams, of all the manufacturing materials of the iPhone is 129 g. The estimated total price is $ 1.03 . It is surprising how such an expensive product can have such cheap manufacturing materials. Obviously, the cost of an iPhone encompasses many more processes: manufacturing, R & D, test phase, taxes, design, marketing and a very long etcetera.

The "Other" category of the list belongs to other materials used in a much smaller percentage; Such as gold, tin, gallium or tungsten .

Another curious fact is that they have counted both oxygen and hydrogen as manufacturing materials for the iPhone. What will they serve? Well, apparently they are used to mix with other chemicals such as zinc for the manufacture of batteries and other components.

What do you think about this list of manufacturing materials of the iPhone? Did you know what it was made of? Did you imagine that your materials would be so cheap considering how compact and tough it is?

Source | Statist

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