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Friday, 25 August 2017

Is the iPhone 8 what Tim Cook has in his pocket?

A few hours ago an image revolutionized social networking: Tim Cook on a visit to a Cincinatti maker. Yes, it is true that everything that revolves around Apple generates expectation no matter where it happens, but what the Apple CEO's pocket has become viral. And is that suspect bulge of his pocket could well be the iPhone 8 , or not. Who knows.

In any case, the riddle has reminded us a lot at the moment when Gollum and Bilbo Baggins play the riddles , managing to beat the hobbit thanks to the question "what do I carry in my pocket?". So why not emulate the characters of The Lord of the Rings and repeat the same question.

Riddle: What does Tim Cook have in his pocket?

As a Twitter user says with all logic, if you look at the outline of the terminal, it is too long to be an iPhone 7 but very narrow to be the iPhone 7 Plus . And remember that precisely the model special edition tenth anniversary has dimensions that are between one model and another .

Of course, we can say with all sense that it is a mobile terminal with a rectangular shape and an eye is about 6 inches. In addition, Tim Cook looks happy , but it can be simply and simply because he has had breakfast well. Benjamin Geskin, the guru of Apple's leaks, has gone further and even made a montage to reinforce the theory of the iPhone 8:
Of course, the limit puts your imagination: it can be a calculator, a notebook or why not ... a Samsung Galaxy S8 . Place your bets.

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